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The hologram is the 3D recording of a graph. Nowadays, it is the most used system for reducing the risk of forgery, proving tampering and protecting a brand. That is because the hologram is easily visible, cannot be reproduced by a scanner or photocopier and can contain a great amount of information that guarantees that the product is original. The protection level of holographic images can even be raised by combining different and complementary techniques such as:

  • microwording: microscopic words which can only be seen by magnifying glasses and/or microscopes
  • latent images: visible only by a preset frequency laser beam
  • fluorescent inks: special inks that allow for the visualization of a text or a logo when under ultraviolet light
  • tamper evident material: materials made by a metallization process that makes any tampering attempt evident by fragmenting the holographic image
  • coding: a barcode or an alphanumerical code is pressed on the hologram through an overprinting or demetallization process


Since 1995, Holo 3D has specialized in solutions to fight forgery and protect brands. Our professionalism is at your disposal for performing risk analysis and advising you on the best authentication solution in accordance with the provisions of the new ISO 12931 regulations. The specific characteristics of the hologram make it easy to be integrated with other technologies. The combination of several security techniques allows the achievement of any level of protection.

Check systems
Accessibility Without instruments With general instrument With special instrument Forensic analysis by laboratories
Public Visible hidden - -
Only by specialized personnel Visible hidden hidden hidden

Our collaboration with leading companies in the tracking industry allows us to supply sophisticated TRACK AND TRACE systems, which provide customers with important information and can be also used for sales and marketing operations.
Ask Holo 3D to protect your products, your trade and your markets.

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